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i’d like to introduce you to john and julia!  one could say that we go way back.  i first met julia in late high school when i was being convinced by my parents to get braces.  julia works at orthodontic care specialists and was one of the many faces that i became familiar with over my two year stint with braces.  one day it so happened to come up that i ran a wedding photography business and that julia was getting married… and well, it’s all history from there.  i was lucky enough to have john and julia decide to collaborate with me for their wedding photography!  unfortunately, we seemed to have an almost constant stream of rainstorms these past few weeks and whenever we tried to get together to do the engagement session we got rained out!  it was quite ludicrous.  luckily, both john and julia are great sports and this last sunday, despite some inclement weather, we decided to go ahead and shoot anyways!

to give you a quick recap of the day, as i’m arriving at the falls area the rain began to sprinkle slowly yet surely increasing to a literal downpour of cats and dogs (well… maybe not literal).  not too far away was this neat little depot from when trains use to run around this area.  Therefore, i decided the best way to get us there, while maintaining the good looks of john and julia, was to rent one of these goofy little two person covered bikes that, if one has every visited the area, understands is quite characteristic of the falls.  we managed to get over to the depot with no mishaps and takes some great photos over there – and then the sun came out.  : – ) after that we mosied our way back to the bike drop off area and walked on over to the falls!  john and julia, being the awesome people that they are, were more than willing to indulge me when i asked them to stand, smile, kiss, and play in the creek!  it made for some awesome, very unique, pics that i hope they’ll both cherish and enjoy.  later, as the afternoon moved onwards with a few scattered t-storms, we continued to take cool unique pics in cloudy weather, rainy weather, and sunny weather.  on the way back we stopped to take some pictures on this awesome , yet incredibly long, flight of stairs that led back to the parking lot.  while we were photographing in that wooded stairway it just so happened that, low and behold, as soon as we made it up there was not a dark cloud in the sky!  luckily, according to the swedes, rain is a blessing of good luck; so, i imagine that both john and julia will have plenty of luck with their upcoming marriage!

thanks again for taking the time to read and look through my blog.  per usual i hope you enjoy it and make sure to check in often as this last part of the summer is a busy one with many sessions coming up!

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