Engagement | Scott and Sarah | Minneapolis, MN

meet scott and sarah,

two of the coolest people you’ll meet in minneapolis!  scott and sarah decided to have their e-sesh at the surly brewery and i can honestly say it was some an amazing choice… i wanna go again and just drink their beer the whole time!  That’s besides the point though.  we arrived just as they were letting everyone in and i’m not sure if you (mr/mz. reader) have been on a brewery/winery tour but often times they have these neat little tokens that you redeem to get drinks at the bar.  we immediately got our drinks and sat down to await the tour.  luckily, because the people who brew surly beer are anything but surly and, as a matter-a-fact, are some of the most helpful people i’ve ever met.  soon afterwards, the tour starts and the large main group goes to listen to the tour guide while we slip away into the recesses of the brewery for romantic pics!  this place has awesome pretty much everything and was perfect for finding cute little nooks for intimate portraits.  we even managed to slip into, with surly’s permission, a back back storage area where we got some of my favorite pictures of the day!  all in all, thanks to scott and sarah’s ability to look cute and make out passionately at the drop of a dime… we got some amazing pictures that i hope both scott and sarah will be able to treasure forever!  scott… sarah… i cannot wait for your wedding cause i know it’s going to be a blast.  maybe somewhere down the line we can all get together again and grab some surly and catch-up! :p

enjoy ’em,


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