Erin and Colin Pique Travel Design Wedding Photos

Erin and Colin had a beautiful wedding ceremony on a super hot day at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. It being so hot was aided a bit by having the ceremony by one of the main water fountains at the arboretum, it couldn’t have been a more beautiful spot for these two to say “I do.” The day didn’t end there though, they had a beautiful reception at Pique Travel Design in Excelsior, MN. This was such a wonderful venue for photos that was made even easier by Erin and Colin. They have such wonderful chemistry and love for each other and it’s obvious in their photos, which makes me very happy!

I was lucky enough to have a happy coincidence happen a few weeks after their wedding. I ran into them enjoying their married life at the Minnesota State Fair. It was great to run into them casually and see them enjoying married life together. Moments like that are why I love shooting weddings so much!

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