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here we go,

i’ve been meaning to do this post for quite a while now!  no more procrastinating though – without further adieu the st. olaf magazine.  the last two issues of the st. olaf magazine i’ve been lucky enough to have my photographs featured. the first time was for my buddy chris lomen and his monumental effort to raise money for people in haiti!  some of you may remember the rolling to rebuild pictures i took last year. the second time, a few weeks ago, was for an exposé on the night life at st. olaf after the adults have gone home and the campus is run by students. being a dry campus though, we had to keep everything alcohol free… lame.  regardless, i think i got some pretty neat pictures and hopefully you enjoy checking out some of my published work outside of wedding photography!  also, I’ve included a picture of my work space since that was included in some of the pics of the magazine.  i thought it would be a neat insight into my personality and how i’ve got things set-up… i mean… it’s where the editing magic happens!  enjoy!


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