Wedding | Alex and Ye | St. Paul, Mn


so, last post was alex and ye’s engagement session and now we’re onto their actual wedding!  let me be the first to say that i had an amazing time shooting the first wedding of my 2011 season with alex and ye.  the day started off around 11 when i met alex and ye at their hotel over in north st. paul.  after a few quick photos of them finishing their preparations and making themselves extra beautiful we mosied our way on over to the ceremony location.  over at the church we proceeded to take a ton of bridal party photos and family photos.  afterwards with the actual ceremony, i was lucky enough to get some phenomenal photos.  it was an awesome ceremony because it was conducted in both hmong and english.  one of my personal fav photos was of ye and alex walking down the aisle with gigantic smiles on their faces.  without a doubt a beautiful ceremony with gorgeous singing by a young girl name epiphany.  anyhoo, afterwards, due to our location and it being winter, there weren’t a whole lot of good locations to shoot bridal portraits.  luckily though, i managed to convince a nearby porsche dealership to let us in a shoot!  a personal shout out to john farley and his manager for letting us shoot some amazingly sick photos in their dealership.  so yea, if you ever need to buy a porsche, go do it at the dealership in maplewood – absolutely great guys there!  inside the dealership with alex and ye, we got some of the sexiest pics you’ll ever see.  expensive cars, gorgeous bride, and a debonair groom… that equals fantastic photos.  after we had gotten what we needed at the porsche dealership and a never ending stream of “thank you’s” from me we got back into our limo and sped on over to the reception location!  let me describe how amazing the rest of the night was.  basically, there were your usual speeches from family members and whatnot (spoken in hmong, very very cool) and then… then the food came out.  i can say hands down one of the best spreads of food i have ever seen at a wedding.  it was buffet style with delicious fish, pork ribs, sticky rice, the most delicious mini egg rolls (yes i had about 12 on my plate, they were that good) and a table full of fresh fruit.  i pretty much ate more food than i have at a wedding in a looonnnnggg time.  to wrap up the evening, there was a cake cutting with another gorgeous picture where ye is laughing and looking vougesque! it was obvious to me in that moment, i.e. i got the shivers, how great a couple alex and ye are for each other.  last but not least, the dance floor was set-up and alex and ye had their first dance as a married couple!

overall, one of the most enjoyable weddings i’ve had the privilege to attend and a phenomenal way to start off the 2011 wedding season.  a big thanks to alex and ye and their families, you seriously made me feel like one of the gang and it made my day perfect!  G’luck alex and ye from what i’ve seen you guys will have many nights of cuddling till 3am and just being a sweet couple!


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