wedding | ross and kelly | st. paul, mn

i want to introduce everyone to ross and kelly!

man, what an epic wedding!  we are going to do this a little out of the usual order.  normally, you’d see a couples engagement session before their wedding.  unfortunately, the e-sesh was done just before the wedding and i want to make sure everyone can see all of the amazing pictures that we got – to that end, the e-sesh will be up a few days after this post!  anyhoo, the morning drive up from st. olaf was somewhat dubious because it was cold and cloudy!  luckily, mother nature decided to cooperate on ross and kelly’s special day and it turned out to be a gorgeous fall day with nice warm temperatures and a ton of sun!  i met kelly at st. kates cathedral (which is absolutely awesome and quite ornate) for the prep pics. while there i was able to mosey around the st. kates campus which is quite neato!  there were a ton of picturesque areas where i was able to bring ross and kelly for the b/g portion of the day.  as soon as kelly’s mom had zipped up the dress we proceeded with the first site in the cathedral.  ross looked incredibly handsome and debonair waiting for kelly as she slowly made her way up the aisle looking radiant and excited!  afterwards, we all walked around campus to some of the shweeeet spots for some epic pictures of just ross and kelly!  they looked perfect together and were obviously full of love for each other.  afterwards we banged through the formals with the bridal party and family and made it just in time for the ceremony!  the ceremony itself was done in the traditional catholic manner and quite beautiful with a few breaks for singing and readings. after ross and kelly were officially “hitched” by the priest and they were walking down the asile, ross had an epic fist pump were he looked super happy with kelly beaming a gigantor smile – you’ll see the pic and it is by far one of my faves from the day.  after a receiving line and thank you’s everyone quickly drove over to the crown plaza (ritzy place quite beautiful!) for the reception.  food was impeccably done with choices between salmon, steak, and the kids meal (i.e. chicken fingers).  after dinner and the speeches everyone got out on the dance floor and boogied the night away while taking the occasional break to hit-up the photo booth that was set-up in the reception hall!  the photo booth itself was a great hit with, seemingly, everyone taking multiple turns and getting a gagillion goofy, cute, and serious pics!

i really wanna say thanks to both ross and kelly for such an amazingly fun day.  i hope your lives together are amazing and full of fun road trips and late nights talking about whatever!     :- )


ps leave some love in the comments if you dig the pics!

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