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so, here is the newest blog post and offering to everyone!

i’d like to introduce y’all to my girlfriend – rachel.  she’s pretty cool and if you keep up with my blog, along with the usual weddings, engagement session, senior portraits, and whatnot, you may be seeing a few pics of her!  anyhoo, this last week i was lucky enough to visit her in chicago where she goes to school.  let me say this upfront, the week was freaking “wonderful!”  on top of getting to hang with the neatest girl, discounting all you lucky brides out there of course, i got to meet some of her close friends/roomies, network a bit, and of course i got to toodle around one of the cooler cities in the united states – chicago!  all in all it was a great week with lots of fun adventures ranging from navy pier and checking out the tall ships exhibit (except you had to pay $15.00 to even look at them whereas in duluth you could look at them for free… mn for the win (ftw)), to slowly but surely converting rachel into a hipster biker like myself (you can see some neat pics she took of our respective bikes), to beach photoshoots with rachel and one of her besties elizabeth (lots of fun making them run through seagulls), and of course the all important just relaxing with the ladyfriend!  some of my favorite pictures from the week included the beach picture where rach and i are flexing it up, some of the pictures around the bean, the sepia toned pic with me getting a gigantor kiss, and the pictures of the transformers movie being shot.  if you look though you can see a picture of the actual bumblebee car and the set that i was lucky enough to snap a picture of before being shooed along! but yea, thanks to the ladies of rach’s apartment: liz, chelsahauntus, and sammy for letting me crash at their place and make some awesome memories and new friends! can’t wait till next time!

here are the pics, check em!


ps i forgot to mention our somewhat big obsession with sillybands…. those rubberbands shaped like objects… they’re awesomesauce! ;)

pps any pics that i’m in, all credit has to go to the gf, she’s a pretty dec photographer if i do say so myself!

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  1. Doug

    Thats so sexy… the bike I mean

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