wedding | Erica and Bret | riverfalls, wisconsin

where to begin with this wedding?!

words cannot express what an amazingly cool couple erica and bret are!  pretty much, this has been one of the most neato weddings i’ve had the privilege to shoot this season!  i drove out to the little tree farm just outside riverfalls, wisconsin uber early the day of the wedding!  while passing through riverfalls, i checked into my hotel and got a chance to see a former bride of mine (a client that is) who happened to be attending erica and bret’s wedding!  with that great little surprise fueling my desire to get on down to the actual location i rushed to my car.  the drive to the rural tree farm was a little frenzied because of a failure on my part to realize i kept driving down the wrong road!  after that little debacle on my part i managed to find the tree farm without any more issues!  erica and bret both looked amazing when i saw them for the first time!  bret had a custom made suit jacket for the occasion and erica looked absolutely radiant in her dress with her veil pulling the outfit all together.  the bride and groom session went smoothly with a ton of awesome pics being taken!  after that, we waited for the guests to arrive and basically just chilled outside!  the location itself was one of the more eclectic wedding locations i’d shot but it worked amazingly and fit erica and bret’s personality perfectly!  when it was time to start the ceremony everyone mosied their way down to the forest where the bottom 10 feet had been clear-cut of branches!  it was amazing and unique and one of the coolest places i’ve shot a ceremony.  the pastor himself made the ceremony very memorable with frequent jokes and a lighthearted manner!  afterwords, it was a cocktail hour while dinner was set out.  during this time people went their own ways and played lawn games, had a few drinks, or congratulated the newly-weds!  dinner was a delicious layout of cold-cuts and home made dishes from erica’s stay in aisa!  not to mention a wonderful selection of delicious microbrews from a few local breweries!  during the speech i got my favorite photo of the day where bret pulled erica into a one armed hug and erica herself had the most gorgeous and gigantor smile i’ve ever seen!  towards the evening i set-up my photo booth and let everyone have fun taking a lot of goofy pics while i strolled around getting candids of people lounging and relaxing!  last but not least erica and bret’s first dance was pretty darn cute with both of them seemingly at ease with each other on the dance floor as everyone watched!  erica… bret… you are both perfect for each other and i cannot wait to hear and see what amazing things you do with your lives!  leave some love in the comment session if ya wanna! :-)


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  1. Erica

    Um, wow. We are so thrilled with these, Evan! The posed photos are perfect and the candid ones are joyful, beautiful and fun. Thanks for documenting this fabulous day – we had a blast working with you and our family and friends loved your presence at the farm!

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